Our Infrastructure

Popular Printers has always believed in using the latest machinery and equipments to deliver quality products to its customers and to keep pace with the rapid changing technology. Increase in the overall market of printing combined with its rapidly growing market share prompted Popular Printers to acquire another printing unit of Jaipur to expand its printing capacity and human capital. The unit is located at Hirawala Industrial Area, Kanota in Jaipur and is seen as a perfect fit to cater to diversifying and customized needs of its clients.

Pre Press

We at Popular Printers believe in incorporating quality at the earliest stage of printing, the pre-press section which comprises mainly of designing different products for different clients tailor-made for their needs and plate section which forms the input for printing the job. To make this happen, we make use of some of the latest computers and accessories and combine it with best software and talented designers to make sure that designs are a clone of customers imaginations.

Our Machines

S.NO. Machine Model Capacity per Hour
1 6 Colour Komori Lithrone A 437 2014 13000
2 Dominant Adast 5 Colour 2003 7000
3 Four Colour Offset Dominant 1993-94 7000
4 Dominant-715 Single Colour 2001 7000
5 P.O. 36 Sheetfed Offset, Single Colour 1992 7000
6 Planta 2 Colour 7000
7 P.O. 25 Sheetfed Offset 2001 6000
8 Swift Machine-300 Ex 1 Colour 1998 2500
9 Dominant Swift Machine 1 Colour 5200
10 Web Offset Machine 2004 15000
11 Automatic Plate Making Frame 2001
13 Automatic Plate Developing Machine 2001
14 Computers for D.T.P. with Colour (9 Nos.) 2009
15 Laser Printers ( 4 Nos.)
16 Ink Jet Colour Printers ( 2 Nos.)
17 Scanner – ( 2 Nos.) POWERLOOK 2100XL
18 Camera – ( 2 Nos.)
19 Plate & Film Planning Registration Punch – ( 2 Nos.)
20 Cutting, Stitching, Perforating, Packing ( Machines)
21 C.T. Poly System 9800- Regular – Plate Making 2007
22 C.T. Poly System 7800- Regular – Plate Making 2006
23 Flex Machine 2008
24 Automatic Double Head Stitching 2008
25 Perfect Glue Machine 2008
26 Computer to Thermal Plate ( CTP ) 2010 44
27 Coloured Laser Printer XEROX 1000
28 Coloured Laser Printer XEROX 1000
29 Coloured Production Printers 2500

Human Capital

Popular Printers has always believed in employing the best talent to cater to the diversifying needs of its customers whether it be designing, plate making or printing. Every department is lead by a department head who supervises and organizes his team and provides an interface between the lower management and the upper management. Following is the detail of human capital employed at Popular Printers, department-wise:

Department Head
No. Of People
Ajay Agarwal
Ramesh Bhardwaj
Roop Singh

Information Technology

Popular Printers makes use of extensive IT in form of internet, intranet, intercom and Local Area Network (LAN). Every department is interconnected to each other via the mediums mentioned above which facilitate easy and faster communication. We have recently upgraded to Electronic Attendance System (EAS) and in the process of installing Close Circuit Television Network (CCTV) to match the best of international standards.

Our Location

Address: Fateh Tiba Marg, Moti Doongri Road Jaipur-302 004 ( Rajasthan)

Phone: 0141-2606883, 2606591, 2609294

Email: president@popularprintersjaipur.in

Business Hours

Monday - Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM