Offset Or Digital Printing In Jaipur, Which One Is Better?


Offset Or Digital Printing In Jaipur, Which One Is Better?

At the present time, digital printing technique has brought a massive success in the market of commercial printing. This particular printing type has brought exciting features and more attractive options in the present printing market. Digital Printing in Jaipur, India is extremely popular, but we cannot deny the importance of off-set printers as well. Deciding one of them must be critical for you, if you don’t have sufficient knowledge about the printers and their pros and cons.

Offset Printers in Jaipur

Offset printing is one of the most common technology. In Offset Printers in Jaipur, the image is burned up onto the plate and then transferred to the rubber blanket. At last, it transferred to the printing surface. Ink rollers are used in these printers.

Digital Printers

When it comes to printing, digital printers are also there. They are famous because they reduce several mechanical steps needed for general printing. These printers eliminate steps like color proofs, making films and plates and so on. Due to such perks, Digital Printing in Jaipur is extremely popular.

Advantages of offset and digital printers

To simplify the selection process of printers, here we are going to mention their advantages. With this, you can pick the most suitable and best printer for your work. Here are the glances:

Offset printers:

When you choose the Offset Printers in Jaipur, you will get the following advantages:

  • High quality of the image
  • Offset printers work on the huge surfaces. It can be used for paper, cloth, wood, plastic, and rough paper printing.
  • When the quantity of the printing units goes up, the cost goes down automatically.
  • Cost-effectiveness and quality speaks a lot about these offset printers. You can print at an affordable cost with these printers.
  • With the help of computer-to-plate system, offset printers can perform seamlessly.

Digital printers

  • Turn-around is shorter.
  • With digital printers, you can get accurate counts, equal prints, fewer variations and less wastage.
  • Digital printers provide lower printing volumes. As far as the cost is concerned, per unit cost might be a bit higher than the offset printers. Setup costs are very low.
  • There is a form of customization is available in digital printing, which is better known as ‘variable data printing’. With this noteworthy feature, graphics, file or text can be changed easily on every print without slowing down or stopping the press.

If you still have confusions, then check out below-given points to determine the printer. Just take a look at these points:

  • Quantity of the print
  • Medium of printing
  • Single Color or  Bulk Printing Solution
  • Numbers of turnaround
  • Cost of proofing
  • Options in customization

If you are looking for the best Printing Press in Jaipur, always keep the above-listed all the points in your mind in order to get the right printing services for your work.


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