Komori Lithrone Machine provides the best printing

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Komori Lithrone Machine provides the best printing

For a good and efficient printing, the Lithrone Series is loved by all the printers all over the world. The Lithrone Series was launched in 1981 since then it has been popular, globally. Komori Lithrone Printing Machine has been continuously evolving in order to meet the customer’s needs. The quality of printing improves with ultrasonic double sheet detection, new ink fountain-key design, film being applied to the surface of plate cylinders, improving the ease for operations and reducing the task load of the operator.

How does Komori Lithrone Machine help in printing?

The Komori Lithrone Machine combines both the technology and the award winning features for delivering the best machine for printing. The machine provides high- quality print with unmatched and supreme productivity. Komori Lithrone Printing Machine promotes “Green Printing”. It reduces the energy being used and consumed which in a way helps in lowering the carbon foot print while printing. It can print about 16,500 sheets in an hour. It’s a proper high performing printing machine.

In Komori Lithrone Printing Machine, the green color symbolizes the co-existence of nature, people and the environment. We all know that a complete balance between these three elements helps in ensuring a bright future of our society. The only advantage Komori Lithrone Machine has is that it was build keeping in mind ecology and environment.

The Three Pillars of Green Concept present in Komori Lithrone Machine

One must be aware of the concept of the three pillars for the clean and green environment. The three pillars are: saving the resources, prevention from the pollution and safety. These three pillars have been very well implemented within the Komori Lithrone Printing Machine. This has helped in changing the future of printing press. It has also developed ways for printing press that reduces noise, improves the work environment, saves energy, and also reduces paper waste.

Features of Komori Lithrone Machine

  • With one- pass printing and double sided printing, one can have efficient printing and can significantly reduce costs.
  • There is no difference in the Printing quality difference between the back side and the front side.
  • The paper costs get reduced as only an end of the sheet is used for double-sided printing. Due to this, plate making can be done efficiently.
  • It increases the single sided press’s productivity with about Two or even more times.
  • It offers a printing speed of about 16,500 sheets per hour and helps in delivering with high speed stable operations.
  • It provides with a wide range of sheet thicknesses ranging  from ultra thin to ultra thick sheets
  • It helps in saving the resources and energy and also helps in reducing harmful chemical substances which get released while the printing procedure is taking place. It also helps in reducing the noise.

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